WindowBirdsCardinals2Your Website is a Major Player in Your Business Marketing Strategy. So why wing it?

You work hard all day to keep your business running, can you afford to let your website marketing to chance?

Just having a website doesn’t necessarily mean your business is going to thrive. Why? Because there are many components in today’s website marketing that support your website presence which highly increase your chances of your business getting ‘noticed’.

Sure there are Fly-by-night and Do-it-yourself and Freebie websites that look appealing, but are they really getting your business noticed? And are they really FREE? If your website is not positioned well, it can actually cost you in lost business.

Here are “just a few good reasons” businesses need to give their website marketing a new look.

*Regular Updates: To compete in today’s website world, your website needs to be active. Regular updates help to position your site in the top rankings for search engines. When a website sits idle, it loses credibility with the major website search crawlers and is less likely to be found by would be clients.

*Blog Posts: Having a blog page with regular updates increases the search value of your website. With regular information streaming about your company, it not only keeps your viewers up to date, but the website activity helps increase your ranking scores.

*Responsive Design: Is your website Responsive? Can your website be viewed on multiple devices beyond your desktop to include smartphones and tablets? It is said that over 65% of user’s today search on mobile devices and by the year 2016 that rate will be up to 80%. These are clients that you need to reach.

*Social Media Links: You most likely have a social media account associated with your business. If not now is the time to embrace social media. Having one or several social media accounts will increase your user’s experience and broaden the potential client reach, increase website traffic, thereby increasing potential profits.

*Video Marketing: Do you have a video marketing plan? 2015 and beyond is predicted to be a video boon for website advertising. Users are reading less and turning to video more to get information. The search engines recognize this and put a lot of value into websites with website video enhancements.

So, you see? Your website is not just a website. It is a major player in your business’s marketing strategy. Give your business the wings to fly. Have your website work harder for you so you don’t have to.

If you’re ready for a refreshing new competitive design, please send us an e:mail and contact us today.

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