Please…don’t be fooled. Free is not “Free”. The initial website upstart might be minimal at first blush; however, a true website is more than what meets the eye. Many hours will be required to keep your site finely tuned throughout the year. The “engines” or functionality behind the pretty picture will need regular updating. Social media, video marketing, e-commerce, hosting, SEO, analytics, all play a vital role.

Every business owner should ask themselves, “Do I truly have the knowledge AND time to maintain my work of art (Website) in addition to running my business?” For many successful businesses, investing in a Web Presence is considered part of their marketing budget. Your website is only a piece of your Web Presence. Web Presence is the most effective marketing tool most businesses have. Let the designers build your Web Presence, so you can spend more of your valuable time building your business.

A fellow Expand2Web Expert Eileen Lonergan compiled notes from a variety of member experts on this very topic, summing up the notion of Free Websites in this great article “Has Web Design Become a Commodity? Do You Need to Pay A Web Designer to Build A Website For You?” .  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here at Black Diamond Star Studios, we thank you for taking the time to understand Free is not “Free”.

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