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Use video on your Website, in your Blog and Social Media venues. Using an introduction video help customers understand what your business is all about.


Use video for business functions or personal events and gatherings.
Black Diamond Star Studios knows how important video is to today’s business.
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Using a variety of filming techniques, we create footage for lasting visual effects that are amazing. Capturing an event or moments spent outside the office are a gift you give to you and your friends and family. Send us your video footage, in any format, and we can create videos like this stunning beach scene.

MYTH DEBUNKED! Video does not always have to be professionally recorded. Amature video shows authenticity. Knowing your market is key!

Go ahead. Add a short, simple video to your Facebook personal or business collection. It’s inexpensive and keeps your audience engaged.

Let us spruce up your announcements. We have all the tools!


Video For Purpose

Creating video to document your personal and business experiences and build genuine relationships with your clients, customers and new found friends & family:

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Document precious moments of your family, friends, pets or a personal journey. Sharing your views gives inspiration and enjoyment to others.

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Add video marketing to YOUR web presence.

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