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Where did the name Black Diamond Star Studios come from?

During my teens, I had 3 years of on-again off-again relationship with horses. It was then, fearless and adventurous I would wildly ride though the old uncombed logging trails that meandered the woods on my borrowed horse. She was black, her name was Gypsy and she was my beauty.

After several decades away from horses, I was re-introduced to them when my children wanted to ‘take riding lessons’. I initially scoffed at the idea, knowing how crazy horses were but quickly caved, thinking we all need a healthy respect for horses. Together we adored horses at shows and immediately became awestruck at the newly introduced black horse that proudly paraded the rails. It was then, Friesian Horses stole our hearts.

The pure Dutch KFPS Friesian Horse is a very noble breed introduced by the Netherlands to the USA in the 80’s and started gaining popularity in the late 90’s. In the early 2000’s and four horses later, our adventure began. Quality pure KFPS Friesian Horses are always Black. Like champion dogs, distinct KFPS registered Friesian Horses earn Star (STER) ratings or predicates to verify exceptionalism within the breed.

Building upon old and new childhood dreams, we took the horse show circuit by storm starting with untrained horses, developed and created show champions then earning the prestigious award of Horse of the Year, all while establishing and growing my businesses. It was during that time I turned my professional interests from software development to website development. I proudly began designing ad campaigns and websites that displayed award winning show horses for friends and local clubs through website design and promotional magazine media.

In 2014, as brave and physically enduring as it was to build a new life with horses, I boldly created my new company. With my majestic Black horses, precious and beautiful as a Diamond who are all Star predicated and are as crafty, smart and imaginative as my Studios;

Black Diamond Star Studios was formed.

Welcome to my world of business creativity, excitement and success.

Sandra Ierardi

Sandra Ierardi

Sandra Ierardi

Principal, Director of Business Development

Sandra Ierardi – Currently an MBA student at Southern New Hampshire University and a Bentley University Computer Information Systems undergraduate, business and CIS has always been at the forefront of her career. Possessing the entrepreneurial spirit, Sandra had brought website design and development to Software Evolution, Inc., a company she began in 1995. In 2014, Sandra completely switched focus toward developing Black Diamond Star Studios and it’s business marketing clients, offering a full suite of online digital and social media marketing services. Due to great business successes, Sandra is now able to share her entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge through business coaching, offering a wealth of information in a simple and easily understood manner, helping other business owners experience and achieve the same successes. When not in the office, you might find Sandra riding one of her Friesian horses.

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